Welcome to web page of Polish Sensor Society (PTTS - abbreviation from Polish society name). The PTTS's mission is to develop activities in the fields of sensor technique and microsystems. PTTS carries out this mission through:

  • bringing together scientists who work in the sensor field,
  • active support of scientific activities in the field of sensors and sensor systems in cooperation with leading national and international research centers,
  • initiating activities aimed at supporting economic development in the sensors field by intensifying efforts towards innovative solutions which are the subject of joint projects of the scientific and economic sector,
  • creating a platform for dissemination of scientific and implementation achievements by organizing scientific and discussion meetings, lectures, scientific and didactic congresses as well as summer schools and conferences of international and national scope,
  • cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions and scientific societies,
  • participation in national and international conferences, congresses and fairs,
  • initiating and supporting publishing activities in the form of books, magazines and
    other publications,
  • providing recommendations for scientists involved in sensor technology,
  • awarding prizes and distinctions.
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